Jan. 24-27, 2019  •  Palm Springs, CA

The reason most of us struggle to find the life we’re meant for is that we don’t know how to navigate our daily experiences and use them to our advantage.

The first step in navigating the intricate dance of synchronicities being played out around us is to learn the true nature of the way the universe and life itself works:

A Life of Infinite Possibilities Awaits.

Join Dr. Deepak Chopra, world-renowned thought leader and pioneer in personal transformation at this all-inclusive, 3-day retreat, to gain answers to life's most important soul questions and turn intent into reality.


Step away from the chaos of day-to-day life during this 3-day, transformational event at the luxurious Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, CA. The California desert climate awaits with warm, sun-filled days and refreshing evenings where you can watch the sunset over the mountains.

Create daily practices

Raise your awareness

Better align yourself

Explore profound wisdom 

Overcome internal roadblocks


Manifest the Life of Your Dreams


Join a community of like-minded individuals and fellow seekers to share your journey and create friendships that last a lifetime. The people you will connect with at the retreat understand your experience firsthand and become your support system, your accountability partners, and your cheerleaders as you return home to use what you’ve learned to manifest the life of your dreams.


Experience mind and heart-opening talks and interactive exercises from Deepak Chopra and other inspiring thought leaders to help you move into the next evolution of your spiritual purpose. You’ll be energized, motivated, and equipped with take-home tools to support you as you integrate your new understandings into your daily life.


Prepare to be nourished from the inside out. All meals at the retreat are vegetarian and mindfully planned in collaboration with our Chopra Center certified nutritionist. All of your meals are included and prepared fresh with a focus on locally sourced ingredients.


In the magical oasis of Palm Springs, you’ll be surrounded by serene desert beauty—the ideal location to de-stress, reset, and reconnect with what matters most to you. Our guests consistently tell us they were able to return home revitalized, and with a renewed sense of balance and purpose.


After Infinite Possibilities, you’ll understand not only how to recognize the synchronicities in your life, but also to bring them into your life by setting powerful intentions. You’ll tap into your intentions and desires, clarify your goals, and align with your vision. You’ll leave with the tools you need to manifest everything you've ever wanted into your life with effortless ease.

What Each Day Will Look Like

“An opportunity to help accelerate your personal evolution into being the person you were intended to be.”


“Infinite Possibilities is just that, living life with no limits, when it is full of purity, honesty, and all good”


“An extraordinary, novel, & important experience for healing & personal growth.”


“Everything was fantastic. The presenters, food, meditations, sound healing, and overall content/instruction were excellent.”


“I have been to many (other) workshops and rarely rate them exceptional. This one truly was.”


Common questions about Infinite Possibilities

What the World's Top Thought Leaders Say About Deepak Chopra

"Dr. Chopra moves us from the mundane lives that trap many of us to the sacred insights offered by our souls."

“Deepak Chopra is quite simply one of the greats. How fortunate we are to have his wisdom, his teaching and his love.”

“Since first meeting Deepak, it has been my honor to call him friend, colleague, and especially a fellow explorer of the spiritual evolutionary process within the human being.” 

Dr. Mehmet C. Oz 

Bestselling Coauthor of You: The Owner’s Manual

Marianne Williamson

Bestselling author and internationally acclaimed lecturer

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center and author of Life Visioning

The fact that you are here is not a coincidence

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Interested in Breaking Free?

I’ve dedicated my life to teaching people how to recognize and take advantage of the synchronicities surrounding them to create healthy, happy, fulfilling lives.

And over the years, I’ve realized that it’s not complicated to do...

I'm Dr. Deepak Chopra


The universe is infused with a powerful wisdom that is also within us

A wisdom that will guide us and lead us to the life we’re meant to live once we learn to tap into it.


We are not a separate entity from the universe but intertwined with it

We are connected on an electromagnetic, and even on a consciousness level, that transcends space and time. 

Life is not something just happening to us

We are actively creating it every day whether we realize it or not. When we do it blindly, however, we get stuck and things begin to feel out of control.



Our Primordial Sound Meditation self-paced, 6-session online course is included as part of Infinite Possibilities. This is where you will receive your own personal mantra based on the time and location of your birth! 


($298 Value)

Let the power within guide you to the life of your dreams.


Join us for 3 life-changing days in Palm Springs and receive:

All sessions of 3-day retreat

2 breakfasts, 3 nutritious lunches, and 2 dinners

Daily yoga and meditation classes

The Chopra Center’s Primordial Sound Meditation On-Demand Course

Retreat packet and welcome bag



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It is similar to a surfer who doesn’t know how to read the waves – unsure which ones to duck under and which ones to ride.

So instead of building the life we desire, one beautiful experience at a time, we get tossed about in the water.

Or we feel stuck as we pass up one wave after another, never knowing if it’s “the one” or not.


Countdown to Retreat:

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but it does require a kind of “unlearning.”

See, we were good at this when we were kids – when even the smallest things like a cardboard box or some finger paints were full of limitless potential.

But as adults, we’ve been taught about 
our “limitations”
... and this has narrowed our vision and paralyzed our potential.

 If you’ve experienced some of the amazing effects of synchronicity in your life already, I’m certain you didn’t end up here on this page by meaningless chance. 

Just think... what would your life look like if you experienced meaningful synchronicities every day? 

How would you feel waking up in the morning knowing miracles were going to happen and you knew where to look for them?

That's the power of the wisdom that is within you. And that's what we'll teach you to do at Infinite Possibilities.

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