How to use meditation to create a state of restful awareness and peace

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How to release your intentions and desires into the universe - and let go of worry

What You Will Discover

How to detach from outcomes and trust that everything will work out

5 Step Guide to Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

Learn how to use intention-setting, meditation, and self-awareness to manifest your dream life.

"It's a great experience to reflect on one's own life and to learn how to implement given tools to improve one's approach to manifesting personal goals and desires."


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If you've ever felt like you are not living the life that you desire, then you need put in the work to get clear on your intentions and desires, and release them into the universe for manifestation. You will learn exactly that in this guide, plus:

Get a proven guide for translating your deepest dreams and desires into reality

Clarify your goals and vision for your life - and then learn how to let the universe do the rest

PLUS: 5 days of accountability, including a bonus meditation MP3, meditation journal, vision board exercise, and more!

By Deepak Chopra